Women And Self Esteem

Let's go global for a moment.

Competition, comparing, coveting and protecting borders is what is creating the turmoil in our world. Point our fingers at others, and singing our national anthems louder than everyone else creates separateness and protectionism.

Now lets take it to a personal level.

Woman energy is about cooperation and support. Isn't that what we try to teach our children? To share and be kind? Do we want our kids to think they are better than others? Why do we give ourselves permission to do it?

It is not kind or sharing to knock holes in someone else.

You know at a meaningful level that competition and comparison when done to feel superior does not support
personal growth and inner peace.

Inner peace comes with knowing that you are connected to the whole. You are not better or worse than anyone else. Your sense of self-esteem and worth come from your connection to your life purpose. You don't have to feel superior to feel serene.

Here are 3 reasons to let go of critical and competitive behaviors.

1. Having a Critical Heart is bad for your development.

Go inside and check in with the way it feels to point out another person's shortcoming. If you are the type of woman who is actually reading this article in the first place, you know that it is not good for you. It is not who you really are. It is small and petty and beneath your dignity. Stop doing it!

Those who actually enjoy the feeling of being critical of others, are not reading this. They are living the big fat lie, and playing the small and shallow version of the Game called Life. They don't see the big picture and that's ok for them. This is about you.

You will never enjoy true inner happiness with a critical heart. Rather than compare and point out the holes in someone else's socks, try looking for reasons to compliment.

2. When you are only trying to be better than someone else, you are totally missing the mark on your true potential.

Why settle for being just better than another human, when you can reach the stars?

You may think that being better than someone else somehow elevates you, but that is a tremendous lie. That kind of thinking will keep you small and living in a shallow world.
Your personal power comes from living a life of integrity and being the best version of yourself you can.

Take your focus off of other people and put it on you. The Law of Attraction will pick up on your
positive vibration and give you more positive to enjoy.

3. The need to compare and compete is caused by an underlying self-esteem problem.

If you felt great about who you are and grateful for the incredible abundance you enjoy, you would have no need to make some one else be small.

You should be trying to be the best you can be... set your goal higher than simply being better than another human being.

If you are aware of a tendency to compare, judge, criticize and compete it is a sign that you need to work on your issues around self-worth and esteem.

Put away your measuring stick and pick up your vision for your best self instead. Take being critical and competitive off of your personal resume. It really looks bad. You are better than that! Reach for the stars!


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